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Crippled Rhino   couch lock        


Strain Information
Strain Name Crippled Rhino
Description As Featured in Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook, High Times and Skunk Magazine
Large, tall tree with aggressive growth.  Large, wide 12" fan leaves. Stalk will turn Purple when exposed to light or sun during budding.  Large, long colas that are totally frosted. Excellent producer indoor and out. Likes to grow tall so we recommend topping this one at least twice indoors.
Days of Flowering:
Catagory: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
5-9 oz indoor, 5-9 lbs outdoor
Potency (THC):
Mature Height:
7 feet indoor, 9 feet Outdoor
Type of high:
Total Couch Lock and power lounge. One hit wonder. Expands rapidly.  Evening medicine. 
Smell/Taste: Floral, light, jasmine Thai
Plant Type: It's a bush
Indoor/Outdoor: Grows great indoors and outdoor
Mother: White Rhino with Crippler
Father: Pure Thai Father

Background Information:

This breed is a love story. This was our first breeding project. When I started, way back at the beginning in1999, we had access to White Rhino seeds from a fellow breeder which we wanted to breed across our Crippler seed. Crippler is the grandfather of Big Bud and a very productive chocolate Thai that was acclimated by some boarders in Seattle in the late 70ís. The true strain is lost as far as we knew it and we had one seed that we were able to sprout. Unfortunately this crippler seed was a male.  We started ten White Rhino seeds. We selected a really outstanding one from those ten.  We had one Crippler seed that was a male that we collected the pollen from.  The very first time that I kissed my lover was when we put the Crippler pollen on the White Rhino female.  We only got one seed, but she is amazing.  She is deeply flowery and strongly perfumed.  Our object was to fuse the deep earthy and exotic taste of the Crippler with the speed and size of White Rhino. 

Crippler is an outstanding "couch" medicine but takes an extreme amount of time to finish. Crippler is a Thai Big Bud origin with very dense fruit. White Rhino is fast, large and has "popcorn" like or airy, but large fruit.  Together they have outperformed our expectations

Crippled Rhino was our first cross, and it's love story. The day after my husband told me he liked me for the first time, as we were putting the Crippler pollen on the special White Rhino we had picked for breeding, we shared our first kiss. It was magic. We only got one seed, but it was amazing: a 7 foot tall towerwith dense cola as long as my arm. We've been honeymooning ever since that kiss. We wanted the name to reflect both parents. 

Medical Information

An evening medicine that is great for sleep and heavy pain. Effects will last 4-5 hours. It is very good for breaking up mucus and cleaning out lungs.  Caution: May Make You Cough. Very Light flavor with very strong effects. Excellent for relaxing, gaining an appetite, removing pain, and nausea. Great for use in the evening time to relax. This is the Mother of Crippit.


 Audience:                                  End of Life                          Cochexia

                                                Appetite                             Cancer

                                                Insomnia                             Severe Nausea

                                                PTSD                                  Severe Pain


Affects:                                     Strong Effects                       Couch Lock

                                                Aroma                                  Extended Duration

                                                Relaxing                               Appetite



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