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Sugar Plum

1st Place, 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Award Winner.



Strain Information
Strain Name: Sugar Plum
Description: High Times Pick of the Crop
Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and a Hawaiian Haze Plum. The Haze Plum is a deep tropical purple flavor with a very strong stone and a tall narrow silhouette that is almost spindly with long spiraling buds. Sugar Plum is a medium size bush with very deep green, large leaves. The flavor is complex the deep tropical flavor of the Haze Plum comes through first with the earthy Berkeley Blues bottom note clearly coming through the finish. Always throws several large, dense colas. Stores well and finishes fast.
Category: 10% Indica, 90% Sativa
Days of Flowering:
3-5 ounces indoors, Outdoors grows into a 9 foot sphere that yields around 2-3 pounds
Potency (THC):
Mature Height:
3-4 feet indoor, 9-10 feet outdoor
Type of high:
Smooth, but strong medicine, and effective for many conditions.
Plant Type:

Bushy, round plant with densely tropical buds.


Performs well indoor and outdoor

Taste/Smell: Exotic, sweet and tropical flavor, with a floral tropical smell with and a fruity under tone
Mother: Hawaiian Haze Plum
Father: Berkeley Blues


Backgound Information:

 MILF Pick for Skunk Magazine

As featured in Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook 2009

The Haze Plum came from Dead Guy (my best friends', sisters husband who died while hang gliding).


Medical Information

A great anytime of the day medication, itís not too strong, it wonít put you to sleep but it will not make you wired with energy either. It has a very strong sweet flavor and helps with nausea, which make it good for after chemo.  Effects will last 4-5 hours. It is very good for breaking up mucus and cleaning out lungs. 


Audience:                  End of Life                Cachexia                               Chemotherapy Effects

                                    Appetite                     Cancer                                   Circulation

                                    Glaucoma                  Severe Nausea                    Cystic Fibrosis

                                    PTSD                         Severe Pain                          Depression

                                    Head Pain                 Rx Co/Side-Effects              HIV/AIDS                  


Affects:                       Strong Effects           Antiemetic/nausea              Active Mind

                                    Appetite                     Extended Duration              Euphoric

                                    Positive                      Sensual                                 Social

                                    Sweet Taste              Sexual                                   Aroma


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