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Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

STONEY GIRL GARDENS has never posted information regarding the hundreds of patients we directly work with. The real victory remains with the success of the individual. However, we can relate many individual stories that we have experienced just this year. 

The most important work we have been involved with is the cancer treatment with whole plant extract otherwise known as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Hash Oil or Hemp Oil. We learned to make this for the personal use of Jenifer. We now teach how to make this at our Portlandsterdam University. This method uses 190 proof alcohols (FDA Approved) and is widely accepted by our doctors. To date over 3 major hospitals have added the “Go home and take your black pill” as a post release statement on their computer systems (Providence, St. Adventist and Good Sam).

We have seen complete remission of the following just this year: Testicular, Lung, Thyroid, Breast, Liver, Melanoma, Leukemia and an array of tumors, cancers and more. We treat over 4 patients every week in our Happy Valley Oregon Treatment Center. We see a 90 plus percent VICTORY RATE!

Some say cannabis is inappropriate for children. Cancer is inappropriate for children.

We are working with a 7 year old Leukemia patient who has been documenting the results of using the oils.  The parents of this child have approached us to do a media piece as they now wish to become public.  They feel that other young parents with children afflicted with this disease should know that there may be an effective alternative treatment. Although controversial, medicine works for children too. Cancer is indiscriminate.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Mykayla. In a very short period of using our oils this 7 year old precious young girl no longer is afflicted with Leukemia! Congratulations and Thank You Mykayla.  Big thanks go out to the parents for taking the risk to let others know.  Mykayla, it is people like you being successful that makes it worth doing our work. You truly are the goal!

The parents posted the following results on our facebook page: )

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See the Oregonian Article and support the rights of parents and children.

Oil Information, Dosage and More

A message from Mykayla's Family:

Brandon Krenzler

September 26 2013

Who made the oil that cured Brave Mykayla?

After many rumors making it back to myself and Erin Purchase, I feel it is time to settle them....

 Stoney Girl Gardens located in Portland, Oregon made Brave Mykayla's  Cannabis oil that ultimately put her leukemia into remission in only 6 days- Regardless of what many people may think about Michael Mullins and Jenifer Valley, or have heard about them or their company, I have to say that they reached out to our family compassionately, took us under their wing and also donated over 90% of Mykayla's oil to her, no donations made, no strings attached. They have never asked us for anything more than to be courageous and vocal in our activism; I am asking my network, all of my friends, family and connections to share this status so the proper people receive the recognition they deserve.

 On behalf of my entire family, Thank you Mike and Jenifer, you are amazing people and we hope the universe takes care of you for the rest of your lives. #peaceloveCURE

Erin Purchase

November 28 2013

o    Erin Purchase

Today I am very thankful for Michael Mullins, Jenifer Valley, Frankie Wallace, Erin Sapp Wallace, Eric Johnston, Michelle Renee, Max Bortnick, Tina Belt, Collective Awakenings, RabbitHole Edibles, Green Lion Farms, Kevin Saunders, Gina Castro, Sonshine Organics, World Famous Cannabis Cafe, Applied Synergy Botanicals... (If I am forgetting anyone I apologize, my mind is drawing a blank) For helping save my little girl. Brave Mykayla would not have nearly the quality of life that she has if it wasn't for all of you caring individuals. From the bottom of our hearts... we want to thank you ALL for donating the worlds best medicine to save Mykayla's life — with Brandon Krenzler.



Brandon Erin Ryleigh Mykayla Krenzler posted on Stoney Girl's timeline

"Lymphoblasts are immature cells which typically differentiate to form mature lymphocytes. Normally lymphoblasts are found in the bone marrow only, but in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), lymphoblasts proliferate uncontrollably and are found in large numbers in the peripheral blood smear.

July 14th 2012 (diagnosis day and steroid treatment began) Mykayla's Lymphoblast percentage in her blood smear was 33%

July 15th 2012 - 51% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear

July 16th 2012 - 11% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear (began chemotherapy)

July 17th 2012 - 14% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear

July 18th 2012 - 16% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear

July 19th 2012 - 3% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear

July 20th 2012 - 29% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear (got released from hospital)

July 23rd 2012 - 31% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear


July 26th 2012 - 5% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood smear

July 30th 2012 - 3% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla's blood (doctor spoke to us about Mykayla's Lymphoblast count failing to go down to 0 and said that a Bone Marrow Transplant MAY BE in our near future because her blasts are not gone from her blood.

August 2nd 2012 - 0% blasts
August 6th 2012 - 0% blasts
August 13th 2012 - 0% blasts
August 20th 2012 - 0% blasts
TODAY - 0% blasts!

July 30th 2012 was THE VERY LAST TIME THEY HAVE FOUND LYMPHOBLASTS IN MYKAYLA'S BLOOD SMEAR!!!! The very next time we saw the oncologist they told us Mykayla was in remission.

Some may say that cannabis does not "cure" cancer. I am not saying the steroids and chemo didn't help. but this right here shows something. proof enough for me! Some say cannabis is inappropriate for children. Cancer is inappropriate for children.

 Peace Love and Happiness

 Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with intermediate risk T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 14th, 2012.  She is now in complete remission.

For those of you who don't know... and for those of you who have heard this in the wrong way...

Mykayla is one of the few children in the State of Oregon who has been approved to have and use medical marijuana.

Mykayla ingest full cannabis extract oil in a capsule once daily to ward off pain, nausea, depression, and cancer. She DOES NOT smoke or vaporize marijuana as I feel that would be inappropriate for a seven year old child.

Mykayla was approved to use medical cannabis by a doctor...and her doctors credit the medical marijuana helping her with pain, nausea, and maintaining a healthy weight. Mykayla has been able to keep a smile on her face through all that she has been through and we credit much of this to her medical cannabis. Mykayla still weighs more than she did at diagnosis...her own doctor’s compliment on this... Mykayla has never had an infection...she has not had to be hospitalized like many leukemia patients... her counts recover very quickly...

Mykayla was approved to use medical cannabis 9 days after her diagnosis... on day 15 her bone marrow biopsy revealed that she was in remission (remission is an awesome thing in leukemia... most kids hit remission during the first 30 days of chemo but leukemia can relapse fast...and it comes back mad. That is why leukemia children have chemo for 3 years. While researching cannabis and leukemia we came across a government study saying cannabis caused apoptosis in leukemic cells! We believe strongly in the medicinal effects of this amazing natural and organic plant!

You are not required to agree with the choice... nor are we asking you to...We have had a few people that have used this choice against us publically and the words they chose to address the matter was horrible. I am Mykayla's sole custodial parent... I have the legal right to make the decisions regarding her treatment and this is what I saw fit for dealing with all the horrible side effects she has to experience at such a young age. Mykayla has a book called "its just a plant" she knows what her medicine is and she has said time and time again how much it helps her. This is what matters most

Love to all the lovers and hope to all the haters.... Hope that is right... HOPE for the end of the propaganda... Stop running from the cure.


Learn how to make your own Whole Plant Extract Oil at Portlandsterdam University



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