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What makes our oil
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Exclusive Organic

Cannabis Whole Plant Oil Extract

A 100% oil extract from our Exclusive Blend of Award Winning Strains, Organically Grown and Food Grade Processed.

What Makes our oil?

Whole Plant Extract

Whole Plant Extract refers to the number of compounds removed from the plant rather than what part of the plant is used in the process.  Although we use the entire plant without the stalks, our extraction process removes all of the compounds and components of the plant.  You can visually see the difference in a whole plant extract by its dark and seemingly black color.

Oils that are gold or light brown to grey are not whole plant extracts.  This type of processing only removes certain compounds leaving many behind. Sometimes the public is told this is a “Pharmaceutical grade” however this type of oil is lacking in compounds that may be very beneficial.

We extract over 400 known compounds from the plant, and possibly many unknown compounds. Our philosophy is that until science can demonstrate what compounds we need to actually look at and what compounds react with and in combination with other compounds, we need them all to be included in the medicine we make. We strive to enhance and broaden the cannabinoid profiles to the widest spectrum possible. Fact is, CBD is only one compound and alone will NOT alone cure cancer. Dr. Bob Melamede agrees, we dont have enough science to isolate only one compound out of over 400 that we know of.

Food Grade Organic Extraction Solvents

We use 190 proof certified organic cane alcohol distilled and bottled under USDA food grade standards and inspections. This is right from of our distiller located here in oregons and meant for human consumption. The doctors, health care workers and patients can be assured that there is no chemicals or solvents used in the process and that the product is safe for consumption. Use of solvents can leave traces of chemicals and cancer causing carcinogens, as well as cause severe side effects such as diarrhea and reactions. Beware of any BHO, Butane, Isopropyl Alcohol, and naptha processing.

Full Distillation Processing

We use an isomerization process controlling exact temperatures of 190 degrees f for a 3 hour process. The product is then screened and 5 micron filtered to remove any plant and foreign materials. From there the alcohol is distilled and removed from the oil and packaged hot right from the distiller.

Organic Certified Farm Product - No Pesticides or Chemicals

Since the process we use removes all of the compounds it is important that we ensure the raw product contains no chemicals or pesticides. We use only our own exclusively grown 100% certified organic based materials.  All of our associate farmers have been trained through Portlandsterdam University and are continually inspected for Stoney Girl Gardens Organic Certification for Authorized Gardens.

Organics is not something that can be tested for. Instead it is up to the farmer to commit to an organic method as certified by us.   We appreciate the commitment and extra work it takes them to make this produce. Thank you for participating in the farm to table Stony Girl Gardens Organic Certification program.

Mixed Strains

Indica or Sativa, which do we use?

 Stoney Girl Gardens Exclusive Strains were used to base the M-Scale rating guide. This is a guide for classifying and clarifying cannabis use for medicinal conditions. On this guide is a scale that runs from 1 to 9.  1 represents a “morning tea” and 9 represents an “evening tea”. These are the effects observed by patients who inhale or smoke cannabis. 

Oil may be used orally, topically or even in suppositories. When cannabis is applied under these conditions the effects will not be the same.  In our initial testing we made oil from each of our strains, including the 1 and 9 (opposite ends of the scale). Our results were not as expected. Instead of a morning or evening effect we had a localized effect.  Some patients only felt certain conditions or areas being affected. A few patients only had relief from the waist down or vice versa.

There is a difference of affect between indica and sativa and also between strains. Oils made from a single strain may cause drowsiness or anxiety and paranoia. Times of harvest, growing techniques, strains and processing all play a part in the type of affects you will have.

Because of this information we include as many different strains as possible.  This allows for a more uniform and broadened, balanced effect. It also coincides with our theory that we need as many cannabinoid profiles included in our medicine as possible.

Exclusive SGG Strain Pool

We use only our exclusive line of strains that we have developed for medical conditions over the last 14 years. These strains have set the records around the world for quantitative compounds such as THC and CBD. In fact lab testing shows our exclusive strains to produce over 300 percent stronger compounds than any other that has been tested.  We have over 14 years of research and development to offer with over 10 years of ongoing projects yet to complete. It only takes one experience to know the difference.

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