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New! Breaking News...We have found a way to make our oil water soluble and highly raised the bar of bioavailability  

Cannabis Budwig Protocol - Make your oil 100 times stronger, faster and more effective. Recommended for aggressive, late stage or cases where regular treatment is not working

The Dr. Budwig Protocol and Cannabis

Initial indications are that the fusion of the Budwig Protocol with Cannabis has the potential to have far greater reach and surprisingly faster and stronger effects than cannabis alone. There is such a dramatic magnification noticed that it makes this procedure so vital to study and to provide more accurate recommendations.

OK, we have not even begun to do our study however I do want to give you my initial analysis or should I say experience. Because of the behavior of the cannabis in the Budwig Protocol we felt we must report what we know at this time.

Cannabis mixed with flaxseed oil and lecithin has an immediate, full on effect. Unlike other oral methods, the mixture begins in a relatively short time of 5 to 30 minutes of onset. Additionally the full dose will be felt all at once. This means that instead of having the cannabis effect build and peak over a several hour period, it builds quickly and peaks all together.  The effects are magnified over twice if not more than the usual oral dose.  Length of effect is also much longer. The typical effects are usually gone within a few hours or a single day. However with this protocol there are reports of having effects the following day or even for days. There may be residual effects that may linger for hours or days.  These residual effects range from drowsiness to hangover if too much is taken.

The effects can be very dramatic and overpowering so use caution and start with lower doses.

As a preventative measure one must calculate the ultimate dosage one can do in a manner of minutes. This dosage will be much smaller than traditional oral dosing.

The advantage to this protocol is that we are able to assist the cannabis in getting to hard to reach affected areas of the human body.  Where patients were not "feeling" the effect on 3 grams of traditional dosage, the same patients were almost "frightened" by the effect of 1/2 gram of Budwig Protocol.

Please use caution and follow recommendations.   

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