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How to Freeze a Cocoa Butter Suppository

By James McElroy, eHow Contributor

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Cocoa butter is a common base for suppositories. Pharmacists combine the butter with the active ingredient, or medicine, then form it into cylinders. You can also use cocoa butter in your own home-made suppositories. Freeze your cocoa-butter suppositories on a tray after you form them, so they hold their shape, then keep them in a freezer bag for long-term storage.

Cannabis Note: There is no psychoactive reactions when applied in this method. Therefore the dosage is not  as critical as an oral dose and may be increased safely. Best applied for liver, rectal and colon cancer, and vaginal issues.

Things You'll Need

    Cooking tray

    Freezer bag

    Cocoa Butter


Mix your dosage of cannabis oil and cocoa-butter according to your recommendation.  1/2 gram of cannabis oil for every 2 grams of cocoa butter is a good start.  We will Make 2 1/2 gram suppositories (make each suppository 2.5 grams total in size). This will provide 1/2 gram cannabis oil per dose.

Since cocoa butter is much more dense than coconut oil you must heat the cocoa butter/cannabis oil mixture together and mix thoroughly. Next let it cool and form the suppositories.

You can gage what a 2.5 gram suppository looks like by using a syringe and drawing up 2.5 grams while the mixture is still warm. Place the warm mixture into a small shot glass or container and refrigerate. Form this into a single suppository.  Keep refrigerated. note the size.

o    Mix your cocoa-butter and cannabis oil. cool mixture

o    Form your cocoa-butter suppositories and place them spaced out on a cooking tray.

o    Put the suppositories in the freezer until they have solidified; about an hour will suffice.

o    keep them in a freezer bag for long-term storage

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